Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Sunstone Calendar

The Sunstone Calendar Presentation
by Daniel Islam Denton
MAY 14-MAY28

It has been said that the ancients knew more about our purpose in the world and of the future than modern man. Our ancestors, the Mayans and Aztecs, have left behind a knowledge and wisdom for those who come after. An important part of the legacy and contribution to civilization is the intricately detailed calendar known as the Sunstone Calendar. According to the Sunstone Calendar, we are living in the Age of the Jaguar, the fifth and final sun that foretells of extraordinary and fantastic change.

As Muslims, we believe, too, that great change will come for the benefit of humanity. In addition to this shared belief, there are interesting parallels and intra-connections between the Islamic tradition and indigenous traditions of the Americas. Our Islamic tradition tells us that the Creator has sent a prophet to every nation and tribe. It should not be surprising then that we would have much in common. To learn more about these interesting links, you are invited to attend a four-part lecture series on the revealing insights and calculations of the Sunstone Calendar and how it relates to the Islamic tradition.

Daniel Islam Denton Casillas is a da'ee and teacher. He is a vice principal of a public high school and holds an M.A. in education. He lectures widely on college campuses about various subjects, including Islam in America and the Aztec Sunstone Calendar. He currently resides in the East Bay with his wife and three children.

Brothers and sisters enjoying the food after the Sunstone presentation

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