Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Continuation of the Andalusia History and Our New Gathering Place

bismillah arahman arahim ! En nombre de Dios el Misericordioso el Compasivo
As-salamu alaykum! La Paz sobre Todos

We pray that this update finds you in a state of peace and harmony.For the past several months, Masjid Muhajirin in Hayward hasgraciously hosted the weekly gatherings of Latino Muslims. From thebeginning the imam of this serene masjid has warmly welcomed us andsupported our efforts in many important ways. In addition tosupporting our endeavors, Muhajirin is also host to North StarAcademy, and as many of you might already be aware, the children'sschool will be undergoing massive renovations, which is the verybuilding where Latino Muslims have been gathering in.

Therefore, we have looked to other places to hold our weeklygatherings, at least until the renovations are completed. The ZaytunaInstitute in Hayward has offered its site as a place of gathering forthe Latino Muslims. Its green, spacious grounds and central locationprovides an enjoyable atmosphere for families and children.

Starting this Sunday July the 9th we will be meeting at Zaytuna grounds at the Yurt at 3:00pm. We will continue with the Andalucia History with brother Abdu Rahman Benavidez, Ishallah.

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