Friday, August 18, 2006

Alameda Islamica: The Fundamentals of the Faith

En el nombre de Dios El Compasivo, El Misericordioso

Alameda Islamica


A Session On

The Fundamentals of the Faith

Sunday, Aug. 20th
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

At the
Zaytuna Institute
631 Jackson St., Hayward, CA

Lunch is at 3:30!

For more info email us at:

You are invited to join the Latino/Raza/Chicano Muslim gatherings this Sunday and every Sunday over food, charla, and talks. This new series of talks will discuss the attributes of God as well as a description of the characteristics of the Prophets, upon them be peace.

Lecturer: Murabit Benavidez converted to Islam at the tender age of 19 and shortly thereafter set off to the blessed land of Sham in Damascus. There, he learned Arabic and studied a few texts with students and teachers. He then traveled to Mauritania and lived in the village of Murabit al-Hajj, advancing his studies in fiqh and Arabic. He's currently an Arabic instructor at Peace Terrace Academy in Fremont, CA.

Alameda Islamica is the newly selected name for our informal group of Latino Muslims in the S.F. Bay Area. Alameda, Spanish for paseo con arboles, is from the Arabic al-muwatta, which means "the well-trodden path," or "the clear path."

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