Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Agenda to Change our Condition - Starting 11/5

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Agenda to Change our Condition
Starting November 5th
NEW time: 2pm -4pm

"Allah does not change a people until they change what is in themselves" 13:11

Starting November 5th – we will be going back to “Agenda to Change our Condition”. This booklet is one the best step by step for beginners and matured Muslims.

This presentation will be a discussion of how to transform our current condition, starting by reforming our individual state and concluding with how we can became beneficial human beings towards society at large.

Our condition:

We lack taqwa (God Conscious). Instead we have ghafla (unconsciousness). Instead of being mindful of God, we are mindful of ourselves

"We are sad, anxious, impotent, indolent, debt-ridden, cowardly, miserly, and overpowered by the worst elements of humanity."

We are suspicious, accusatory, and conspiratorial

We are arrogant, thinking we understand Islam better than people who have devoted their lives to its study and practice.

Our condition is characterized by a lack of taqwa
More Info: Walter Gomez

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