Friday, October 13, 2006

Our Ramadán Schedule


En el nombre de Dios, el Compasivo, el Misericordioso
Every Sunday during the month of Ramadan Latino Muslims come together to read and discussed the text Agenda to Change Our Condition. Last Sunday we completed the foreword, and, in sha Allah, we will read the first chapter: "Practical Steps to Changing Our Condition."

Cada domingo durante el mes de Ramadán los musulmanes latinos se reúnen para leer y discutir el texto "La Agenda para Cambiar Nuestra Condición." El domingo pasado terminamos la introducción, y in sha Allah, estudiaremos el primer capitulo: "Pasos Prácticos para Cambiar Nuestra Condición."

A Reading & Discussion of

Agenda to Change Our Condition


Alameda Islamica

We meet every Sunday during Ramadan,
One hour before each iftar

At the
Zaytuna Institute
631 Jackson Street
Hayward, CA

Here are two steps from the chapter "Practical Steps to Change Our Condition."

3. Find an area of concern that instills a passionate response in you, and begin to work to alleviate the respective obstacles to produce the change you want to see in that area.

7. We are obliged by sacred law to treat our families, and especially our spouses, with the utmost respect and dignity.

About Alameda Islamica, Al-Muwatta Islamiyah: Latino Muslims of the Bay Area have come together to address the needs of one another as Raza/Chicanos/Hispanics and to educate our community about Islam. Alameda Islamica is the newly selected name for our informal group. Alameda, Spanish for paseo con arboles, is from borrowed directly from the Arabic al-muwatta, which means "the well-trodden path," or the "clear path."

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