Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Essentials of Cleaniness & Prayer

En el nombre de Dios, el Compasivo el Misericordioso

Alameda Islámica

The Essentials of Cleanliness & Prayer

The Quran says: "Establish salah to remember Me (God)" ( 20:14).

The salah is the practical proof of our faith in God and Islam. It has been made compulsory at certain fixed times. Allah says in the Quran: " Salah at fixed times have been enjoined on the believers" (4:103).

The salah must be offer in a state of cleanness and purity. The Quran says: "Surely Allah loves those who turn to Him and those who care for cleanliness." (2:222)

The scholars of our tradition recommend that we review the obligations of prayer every year since we, as human beings, are forgetful. All are welcome and encouraged to join us in reviewing and learning about the prayer, especially those embarrassing gaps that we never got around to learning. Sessions will cover cleanliness ( tahara) and the prayer (salah), and more.

Murabit Benavidez will be leading the sessions.

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Date: Sundays, January 14, & 28
Contact info: 510-557-7595
* PLEASE NOTE: Rain or Heavy Cold, Gatherings will be Cancel.

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