Friday, October 05, 2007

Iftar:breaking the fast at Sis.Aisha's house

We ask Allah to bless Sister Aisha for the beautiful and delicious iftar meal at her comfy house; it was a blessing-Mashallah. The iftar consisted of delicious dishes such as: Chicken and Beef enchiladas, arroz y frijoles. Sister Salma brought some delicious chuletas de bóreo, pico de gallo too. The Benavides-Khan brought some delicioso Lamb stew. Sister Carmen brought the calabacitas and sister Lizette brought ensalada de macaroni. (don't read this if you are fasting)

Tea, brownies, chocolate chips cookies -- yeah it was good!

Brothers acting all Sueve!


Denton-Masters Family said...

MasahaAllah...beautiful pics! We miss you all! There was something very special about sharing last Ramadan with you all. Inshaallah, all of your days of fasting are accepted, along with all of your duas...
We love you all fisabiAllah

The Denton - Masters Clan
Fasting in Kuwait

arabicLatina said...

Un poco tarde..pero alhamdulilah ni modo...

En el mes de ramadan,
Allah revelo el Quran,
En ayuno-- ni agua, ni pan
Muchos bendiciones pasaran,
Antes de la madrugada,
Hasta quel sol se baja